Road Signs


The Importance of Road Signs

Can you imagine driving on a public road without road signs? It would be rather crazy, wouldn’t it? Street signs play a crucial role in daily road traffic. They inform people the traffic rules and help prevent road accidents. Road signs can be seen everywhere on any streets, big or small. They are practically a required part of the road. The history of street signage began at the end of the industrial revolution in the 19th century. They were used as a mean to advise directions and related information to drivers and street users.

Road signs are made into different shapes, colours, and sizes specific for each message they have to convey, so that people can spot and recognise them quickly from afar.

Categories of Road Signs

Guide signs – These signs let people know about the route they are heading to and advise the directions and distances to destinations. They also give information about geographical or historical points of interest and inform drivers about service stations, facilities and other attractions.

Warning signs – These signs are placed to inform drivers of potential hazard on the road or on the roadside. The signs might request a speed reduction from drivers for safety purpose.

Hazard markers – This type of sign warns road users about the traffic situation and/or road condition that is not life-threatening.

Regulatory signs – These signs instruct drivers and street users on what they must do in a certain circumstance. They indicate or emphasise traffic regulations and laws. Drivers or pedestrians who refuse to do as instructed on the sign will be considered a violation of traffic laws.

Temporary signs – Temporary signs are placed temporarily to inform road users about temporary situations on the road such as constructions.

Multi message signs – multi message signs convey multiple messages such as informing people about the potential hazard and instruct them the correct speed to be used in the area.

Corsign WA manufactures road signs in 2 variations, one is in compliance with the Australian standard specification and the other is in compliance with Main Roads Western Australia standard.

Corsign WA – A True Western Australian Company

We were established in 2010 as a new local company that focuses on producing great products at a competitive price for the customers in the Shires and Municipal councils, mining industry, government authorities and other general business enterprises across Australia.

Our team acquires more than 30 years of experience within the industry. We are specialising in design, manufacturing, installation, road furniture, and safety products. With our strong expertise, we can work on each and every project exceptionally fast.

We commit to pay a lot of attention to customer service and include it to our strategy to succeed. With every job we have, we aim to create a close relationship with our customers and maintain such relationship in the long term.

As a company who supplies to the mining industry in the Pilbara region in Western Australia, which is the land traditionally belong to the Martidja Banyjima people or the Fortescue Banyjima, we take pride in our partnership with the Martidja Banjyma community (MIB) and determine to see the ongoing involvement between MIB and Corsign in the future.

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