Safety Signs

Safety Signs for Safe Workplace

The safety of workers is the priority of the employers. The employer has to apply a whole range of safety measures to make sure that the workplace is safe. Failure to do so could result in injuries and down time, and potentially result in expensive compensation claims and legal actions. Providing proper safety signs for your work site is essential, and we have a checklist of such signs.. These signs are used to inform of such elements as restricted access to some areas, alerting workers about risks and hazards, and provide workers or visitors with direction around the site.

Safety signage is a vital part to all work sites, especially those with high risk of hazard. With sufficient safety and warning signs, workers and any visitors entering the site will be warned of the potential hazards and be made aware of the precautionary procedure to avoid injuries when being in and around the site.

The signs come in many different sizes and shapes and a range of materials that are suitable for each use. .  Corsign is a supplier you can trust to make sure that the safety signs you will get are proper and suitable to be used at the work site.

Corsign WA carries a fully comprehensive range of safety signs including cautionary, danger, fire, first aid, hazard chemical, personal protection (PPE) and prohibition. Our products are of high quality and meet all the formal requirements for safety sign design and use in the occupational environment.

Corsign WA – Manufacturer of Standard Safety Signage

Corsign was established in 2010 as a manufacturer of quality signage and equipment at competitive prices for sale to the Shires and Municipal Councils, mining industry enterprises, Government Departments and Authorities and other general enterprises all around Australia.

With over 30 years of experience within the industry, our team is expert at designing, producing and installing road signage and traffic equipment, as well as safety products.

With our strong knowledge and expertise, we are capable of fulfilling all orders extremely quickly. We provide a premium customer service to all current and future clients as we include a top notch customer service and customer relations as an essential ingredient of our business development strategy. With every job, we make sure that the customer is happy with our products and service to create and maintain a long term relationship with our clients.

Corsign WA is a company who is doing business closely with the mining industry, particularly in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.  This includes mining exploration and extraction on land occupied by the Martidja Banyjima and Fortescue Banyjima people. Our much valued business partnership with the Martidja Banjyma community (MIB) is very much mutually beneficial. Your enquiries are very welcome, and we can be contacted via email or Director Adam Smith on 0488 721 110.