Traffic Products

Traffic Control

Traffic Control is required when there is an emergency on a road or some part a road is subject to activities such as construction, and you need to guide the traffic away from the area.

For example, when there is a construction activity over a couple of kilometres of a road or highway, the road can be completely closed or reversed to the contraflow lane which will cause disruption  to motorists

The organisation responsible for the disruption has to arrange a traffic control team to monitor and close the area using the Stop and Slow baton to direct traffic through the partially available road space or guide them to a detour. Motorists must obey the stop and slow traffic control batons as their use is authorised as a formal traffic regulation under the Road Traffic Code of Western Australia.

Traffic Control Equipment

Traffic management requires a high level of safety in every aspect, and Corsign WA can provide you with all the traffic control supplies you need. We carry a comprehensive range of field supplies including traffic cones and bollards, dingo eye, solar flashing lights, rotolite for traffic cones, temporary road pavement markers, barrier boards, barricade lights, stop / slow batons, traffic wands, water filled barriers and lane dividers.

Corsign guarantees that its traffic control equipment and products are properly certified in terms of established quality standards.

Corsign WA – Perth Signage Supplier

Established in 2010, our Firm focuses on manufacturing quality products at a great price for the customers across Australia, including Shires and Municipal Councils, mining industry and general private enterprises, Government Authorities.

Our team has over 30 years of first-hand experience within the industry. We are an expert in supplying and installing road signage and safety products. We are capable of executing each and every project quickly and with efficiency. Our customer service is second to none, as we intend to maintain high level customer service and customer relations as an essential part of our business strategy. We work hard to ensure satisfaction and develop a meaningful relationship with our customers for the long term.

We are a company which has significant involvement with mining exploration and extraction operations in the Pilbara region. This includes land inhabited by the Martidja Banyjima and Fortescue Banyjima people, and we are glad of our mutually beneficial partnership with the Martidja Banjyma community (MIB).

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