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Industrial Safety Signs

Corsign is your one stop shop for industrial safety signs. Our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality safety signs for the industry, and custom made safety signage. We also provide expert advice and estimates to ensure safety in your workplace.

Our team of experts provide complete project management services to ensure that safety signage projects are completed on time and within budget for your project. We are specialists in creating safety signs customized to your industry’s needs.

We recognize the importance in maintaining a safe workplace. That is why we offer many industrial safety and health signs. Safety signs communicate important messages such as “safety first”, first aid kit”, “staff only”, “no entry into workshop,” “authorised personnel only,” “wear safety equipment,” etc.

Our safety signs can be used in a variety of industries including manufacturing, mining and civil construction. Signage options include warning signs and signs for blast zones, crush zone, fall hazards, hot surfaces, Machine operating areas, Restricted access etc.

We have a variety of safety signs to choose from, including “No Entry”, Safety Footwear Must Be Worn” signs, PPE must be worn, Safety Footwear Must be Worn” signs and Smoking Area signs. Our signs are designed to make your workplace compliant and safe while also making sure that employees are aware that what the hazards are at the workplace site.

Corsign believes safety should always be a top priority. Our goal is to provide high-quality signboards and industrial safety signs at competitive prices. For more information on how we can assist you in creating a safer workplace, please contact us.

Since Corsign was established in 2010, we’ve been helping commercial organisations with signage and safety advice to meet their needs. Our large range of traffic control and road-related products and extensive knowledge of the industry means no job is too tough for our team. We can provide you with standard and custom signs along with traffic and safety products to suit any application.

We are ISO 9001 certified, with all signs designed and manufactured following Australian Standards. We have material on hand to create standard and custom signs with fast turnaround times, so we can meet your needs accurately and efficiently.

Custom Signs
If you require a sign that isn’t within our standard range, we’ll design and manufacture any custom specification. All processes are done in-house at our manufacturing facility located in Gnangara, Western Australia.

We keep a large range of materials in stock, so you have a range of choices including size, material & reflectivity. This helps us keep manufacturing times to a minimum and all processes are overseen by our quality assurance team.

Safety Signs
Safety signs can be found all over worksites, construction sites and even work vehicles – they’re everywhere. We can manufacture these signs to any required size using any required material whilst ensuring they comply with all relevant Australian Standards. Safety signs include danger signs, mandatory signs, prohibition signs, caution signs, fire and emergency signs.

Regulatory Signs
Regulatory signs are used to instruct road users on the safe use of the roads through control methods.
These include stop, give way and speed limit signs.

Warning Signs
Warning signs warn road users of oncoming hazards or road conditions.
Examples include T-junction ahead, traffic signals ahead or speed hump ahead.

Delineation Products
We provide a range of products used to highlight borders and boundaries.
These include guideposts, cats eyes, solar flashing lights, markers and reflectors.

Temporary Road Work Signs
Temporary road work signs are most commonly used for traffic management during road construction or maintenance. They can be manufactured from a range of different materials and be used in conjunction with frames or legs for easy setup and mobility.

Road Furniture
We supply a range of road furniture and equipment with multiple uses, depending on your situation.
Examples include pedestrian handrails, speed humps and wheel stops which can be used to slow traffic and increase safety.

Road Safety Products
Road safety products are used in conjunction with road signage to direct traffic and warn people of potential hazards.
Traffic cones, bollards and barrier mesh can be used to create temporary lanes, directing traffic away from roadside work areas and creating buffer zones between road users and workers.

Signage and safety done right

We last longer.

We use the strongest, most durable materials that are warranted by suppliers, ensuring quality signage that’s designed to last.

We always hit deadlines.

We manufacture signage in-house, with enough stock and materials on hand to deliver what you need, when you need it.

We know regulations backwards.

We work strictly to Australian standards and are fully accredited for both quality and safety.

We never cut corners.

We use state of the art equipment and processes to ensure we build stronger to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

We don’t outsource custom signs.

We’re WA owned and operated, with all of our customised signage made in-house. This means we can produce products quicker.

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