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NorthLink WA’s Southern Section

To assist with the construction of the NorthLink’s Southern Section, a Main Roads appointed civil construction company engaged Consign to manufacture and install a variety of advance warning, guide & regulatory permanent road signs.

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Roe Highway and Kalamunda Road Interchange

We recently finished up work on the Roe Highway/Kalamunda Road Interchange. Historically, this heavily congested intersection had a higher-than-average number of crashes and has reduced the freight efficiency of Roe Highway

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The Mitchell Freeway Northbound Widening

The Mitchell Freeway Northbound Widening

We recently concluded work on the Mitchell Freeway’s Northbound Widening. To relieve traffic congestion and maximise safety for northbound drivers, Main Roads WA added a fourth lane to the Mitchell Freeway between Hutton Street and Cedric Street.

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