High Quality Road Signs and Road Safety Products by Corsign W.A.

Corsign is an ISO certified manufacturer of signage, and supplier of safety products, to Australian local government shires & councils, mining, construction & civil companies. Corsign is also an approved manufacturer by Main Roads Western Australia of permanent road signage ensuring the use of approved materials and manufacturing processes.

Corsign can design, manufacture and install a diverse range of signage and road safety products. These include Australian standard regulatory, warning, safety, hazard & temporary signage used in road safety and traffic management, and, work zone safety. The use of road signage alerts road users to potential hazards caused by road construction or maintenance, flooding, accidents and other unforeseen circumstances. Safety signage also ensures your work zone meets all required safety standards and helps to ensure the safety of all employees, sub-contractors and visitors on site.

To provide additional road and site safety, Corsign also supply a range of related safety products including traffic cones, bollards & barriers, solar lights, delineators, safety tags and lockout products, sign posts & fixings, and safety tapes.

Established in 2010, Corsign have a goal to become the prime supplier to the mining & construction industries and also shires and local councils across Australia with a wide and comprehensive range of signage and safety products. Corsign can also design, manufacture and install any custom requirements in accordance with client specifications. Quality products combined with high quality practices and competitive prices will enable us to achieve this goal.

Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian standards and help to instruct road users on the safe use of the roads through control methods eg. stop signs, give way signs, speed limit signs.

Warning Signs

Warning signs are designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian standards and warn road users of oncoming hazards or road conditions eg. T-junction ahead, traffic signals ahead, speed hump ahead.

Temporary Roadwork Signs

Temporary road work signs are most commonly used for traffic management during road construction or maintenance. They can be manufactured from a range of different materials and be used in conjunction with frames or legs for easy setup and mobility.

Safety Signs

Safety signs can be found all over mine sites, construction sites and even work vehicles. Corsign can manufacture these signs to any required size using any require material whilst ensuring they comply to all relevant Australian standards.

Safety signs include, danger signs, mandatory signs, prohibition signs, caution signs, fire & emergency signs.

Custom Signs

Corsign can design and manufacture any custom signage requirement. All processes are done in-house at our manufacturing facility in Malaga, Western Australia.

A large range of materials are kept in stock thus offering a large range of choices including size, material & reflectivity. This also ensuring manufacture time is kept to a minimum and all processes are overseen by management.

Mine Site signs and safety

Corsign have been supplying signage and other site safety products to the mining industry since it was established in 2010. We are experts in the types of signage required on site and our products are designed to withstand the harsh environments they are used in. Corsign also know that information can flow through a number of hands on site and therefore allocate account managers so they are familiar with specific customer requirements.

Road Safety Products

Road safety products can be used in conjunction with road signage to direct traffic and warn of potential hazards. Traffic cones, bollards and barrier mesh can be used to create temporary lanes to direct traffic away from roadside work areas and create buffer zones between road users and workers.

Delineation products such as guide posts and solar lights can be used for increased visibility during the evening and night or to signify areas of high danger such as intersections.

Speed humps & wheel stops can be used in car parks to slow traffic and also prevent damage to vehicles and property.

In summary, Corsign have the products and expertise to supply all types of signage and safety equipment to ensure all safety requirements are met and your workplace remains as safe as possible at all times.

Corsign holds the quality standard ISO 9001:2008. While the core business is signage, this core now extends to a substantial range of ancillary products and services.

All signage and safety products are manufactured in accordance with the following Australian Standards;

–       AS 1743-2001 Road Signs

–       AS 1742.3-2009 Manual of uniform traffic control devices

–       AS 1319-1994 Safety Signs for the occupational environment

–       Main Roads WA Specification 601 signs

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