Safety Signage can help all Australian road users arrive home safely.  


May 15th to 22nd is National Road Safety Week in Australia. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness about road safety, something we should all be aware of every day. 

Around 1,200 people are killed each year and another 44,000 are seriously hurt on our roads. Traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children aged under 15, and the second-leading cause of death for those aged 15 – 24. These tragic statistics are increasing despite being preventable. 

In 2022, National Road Safety Week asks people to ‘pledge to drive so that others can survive.’ 

This year, the National Road Safety Week, aims to tackle this issue in all Australian states and territories. It is something everyone who uses the roads can support. 

Everybody who works and travels on roads across Australia should be able to return home safely. 

This includes those who provide traffic control and site workers, as well as maintenance crews, whose jobs are constantly in danger. 


What is the National Road Safety Week Partnership? 


The National Road Safety Partnership Program is a network that supports Australian businesses in fostering a culture of safety on the roads. It’s all about saving lives, without any red tape. 

As National Road Safety Partners, Corsign recognises road safety as a shared benefit and not as a competitive advantage. Collaboration can not only improve productivity but also save lives. 


Preventing Traffic Accidents During Roadworks and Construction 


As road signage experts, we understand that safety is paramount when it comes to roadworks and construction projects close to major roads. Safety equipment such as road signage, including portable traffic signs, is an essential part of any project.  

The pandemic has seen the number and severity of road accidents on Australian roads decline over the past few years. However, 2019 saw an increase in traffic fatalities, injuries, and deaths. 

It is crucial that all those involved in roadworks and equipment construction are safe as we return to our normal state. These types of work often require lanes to narrow, remove hard shoulders, and traffic to slow down. This can lead to accidents because drivers don’t know these changes exist. 


How to Prevent Traffic Accidents 


A multi-pronged approach is required to reduce the chance of accidents during roadworks and construction. Corsign understands the importance of safety. We offer a wide range of safety signs designed for your staff and other road users.  


Safety Signage 


Traffic control signage is an essential addition to any roadworks project or construction project. They are an important means of communicating critical messages to road users. 

It is essential that road signage is placed before roadworks start, but it should not be directly placed on the roads. You can also use boards to communicate with motorists during roadworks about road conditions and alternative routes. 


How Drivers Can Avoid Accidents in Construction and Work Zones  


The following steps can be taken to avoid divers being involved in work zone accidents: 

  • Slow down. 
  • Respect road signs and flaggers for road crews. 
  • Keep your vehicles at a safe distance from other vehicles, workers, and equipment. 
  • Avoid distractions and remain alert. 
  • While driving, do not send or receive text messages. 
  • Ask your passengers for assistance in keeping you aware of people and obstacles while driving through construction zones. 


Distracted Drivers Are Dangerous Drivers 


A big focus for all drivers this National Road Safety Week is tackling the issue of distracted drivers.   

Many accidents in the past were due to speeding and drunk driving. But now, distracted drivers are causing more accidents than ever. 

According to estimates, distraction is responsible for between 30% and 40% of road fatalities in Australia. This includes distractions both from the outside of a vehicle and the inside, such as the use or adjustment of radios or other interior settings. 

Drivers who use mobile phones may be distracted from the road, the steering wheel, and the task at hand, impacting their ability to drive safely. These distractions can severely affect your speed and reaction to road hazards. 

Driving requires all your attention. Other tasks that may require your concentration could affect your ability to safely drive. It might be tempting to look at your phone to check a notification, or to respond to a text, but if you cause a crash, there is a good chance that you won’t see it in hindsight. 


Make the Pledge to Drive Safely and Help Others 


  • Remove distractions 
  • While driving, do not use your mobile phone 
  • Don’t drive if you are tired or under the influence alcohol/drugs 
  • Speed limits must be adhered to 
  • Protect road users and road workers at risk. Give them the space they need to do their job. 


Road Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility 


Safety is a priority in all aspects of our lives. Most of us are aware of the basic safety rules for cars: Don’t drink and drive, don’t tailgate, and don’t drive while tired. However, as mentioned in this article, there are other ways to stay safe on the roads.  


Want More Information about Safety Signage? 


Corsign can help you with all your traffic control signage needs. We understand how important safety is to your team and other road users, so we offer many solutions. 

Corsign can provide traffic management equipment to help you complete your next construction project. Get in touch with our team today.