Corsign announced as preferred supplier for WA Local Government Association (WALGA).


Corsign provides various signage solutions and safety products to Australian Local Government, mining, civil and construction companies.  


Main Roads WA has also approved Corsign as a supplier of permanent road signage. They ensure that only approved materials and manufacturing processes are used.


Corsign can design, produce and install a wide range of signs and road safety products. These include everything from the design and production of warning, safety and hazard signage to the installation of guideposts and bollards.


Our local Gnangara office is ready to help you with your sign and safety solutions – keep reading to find out more.



Solutions for WA


WALGA, is the peak industry body of Western Australia’s Local Authorities who advocates and negotiates service arrangements for 138 local governments throughout the state.


The program has been in operation for over 20 years and has a directory of more than 1200 suppliers.


As a preferred supplier, Corsign can provide goods and services to Local Governments without having to submit tenders. This is a win-win, as it saves both time and money for all parties involved.



What are the Benefits of Using a Preferred Supplier?


       Regulatory Compliance -Full purchasing compliance helps to reduce the risk of non-compliance or anti-avoidance.

       Tailored for Local Government– Products designed around the needs and requirements of Local Governments in Western Australia.

       Streamlined procurement – ensures a faster and more efficient way to purchase goods and services without having to tender.

       Quality Suppliers – WALGA contracts only the top suppliers of goods and services. They provide their members with direct access to these companies to ensure all their needs are met.

       Best price Guarantee – Members who purchase goods or services under a WALGA arrangement are legally bound to receive the best prices and terms of supply from their preferred suppliers.

       Negotiation with Preferred Suppliers- Local governments can negotiate with preferred suppliers on such variables as scope, deliverables and value adds. This allows them to obtain the most competitive price for their members.

       Independence and Probity – Separating the Contract Principal (WALGA), from the Supplier and Customer (Local Government), reduces the likelihood of procurement fraud and corruption.

       Professional Contract Management – All Preferred Suppliers are subjected to ongoing contract management by WALGA in order to ensure compliance, high-performance and protect Members from contractual disputes.



How to know if a Business is a Preferred Supplier


WALGA officially endorses suppliers and allows them to use the Preferred Supplier logo. This is more than a professional honour, it’s a recognised mark of quality.


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We are Here to Help


Corsign is thrilled to be a member of the Preferred Supplier Panel and continues to support WA Local Governments by providing all their signage and safety requirements.


Through safety and signage solutions, Corsign also supports environmentally responsible development within Local Government projects and initiatives.

If you’re an Australian business and are interested in joining the growing number of Corsign clients, get in touch today.